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DUI Stages and Consequences

Driving Under Influence or commonly known as DUI is an act of operating or driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol although incapable of doing it. Sometimes this action can cause serious harm to ourselves or others. Always avoid this type of action because it is a serious matter.

Stages of DUI

We will go through the stages that will happen in case you are caught under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

1) Arrest

When you are stopped due to a suspicion they will conduct some test to check whether you are under the influence. If you are then you will be immediately arrested.

2) Booking

After the arrest, your profile will be cross-checked for any previous criminal offense. Then fingerprints, photographs, and particular will be noted down. Then you will be put in jail pending bail or sent to court.

3) Bail / Arraignment

At this stage, you will be bailed out either by yourself or by a bail bond agency. If not you will be sent to court for the first time and your charges will be read to you.

4) Plea bargain

you will be given a chance to plea either as guilty or no contest.

5) Preliminary hearing

Here both sides will address the judge on the case whether the evidence is enough or not and should it be continued or stopped.

6) Pre-trial motion

This happens before the real trial and the judge will check and see which evidence can be included and which are not to be included. This motion will be filed by the lawyers.

7) Trial

The trial will begin with lawyers from both sides presenting evidence and arguing whether the defendant is guilty of the charges or can be set free due to lack of evidence.

8) Sentencing

If the defendant is found guilty he will be sentenced and the sentencing depends on the seriousness of the case.

Consequences of DUI

Depending on the seriousness of the case, the consequences might be small or very large.

  • Lose your driving license for some time
  • Pay fines based on the case seriousness
  • Serving probation
  • Go for drug and alcohol-related education programs
  • Pay for SR-22 insurance
  • installation of Ignition Interlock Device ( in some states)
  • Sent for a jail term

As you can see DUI is a very serious offense and the consequences are very big. But sometimes things like this will happen and as you can see the stages of DUI is very stressful and frightening. DUI offense cannot be expunged but don’t worry if you are in Los Angeles and need the number 1 DUI lawyer service then visit this site and we will give the best …

Consider What A Cremation Service Can Do For You

Losing your loved ones is one of the worst things in life. Imagine living for several years with someone and finally one day realizing the person is not there anymore. It is truly heartbreaking but that is the reality of life. When someone in your family dies, it is important to bury or cremate them respectfully. You must find a funeral home that offers reliable services. The last thing you would want to happen during a funeral service is mismanagement. It is terrible when things do not go as planned or it goes haywire. Finding reliable funeral homes in Redlands CA is difficult but that is surely not an impossible task.

Holding a funeral service can be expensive sometimes that not everyone can afford. Some people are on a tight budget, so getting the service means having the burden of debt. This is where cremation services prove to be helpful. Most people wish to go for burial services owing to the tradition. Cremation your dead is seen as a foreign thing due to its rarity in some societies. However, you must know that the popularity of cremation services is rising by the day as more people are opting for the same. You may consider cremating your beloved dead person too as it will help you save money and time.

When you choose cremation service in funeral homes in Redlands CA over burial service, you will be able to save a lot of money. In some cases, cremation will cost you just a quarter of what you would pay for the burial. If you have a tight budget and do not have much savings, you should consider the option of cremation. It will help you to avoid falling into the pool of debt.

A lot of people are concerned about not being able to bury their loved one who recently passed away. When you choose to cremate your dead, you would still be able to bury them. It is not necessary that the ash you have collected in the urn will only have to be disposed off at rivers or lands. You can still bury the ash under the ground just like you bury the dead body. If you would like to contribute to your environment, you can choose to get biodegradable urn as it will decompose over time.

When you have finally made up your mind to get cremation services, you should find the best funeral homes in Redlands CA.…

Traditional Latin American Foods

The term Latin America includes a lot of places and a whole heck of a lot more cultures than many slightly uninformed people dare imagine. If you don’t want to be one of them, you can explore the region with the stuff that goes in your mouth. These are the kind of foods you can enjoy even if your idea of authentic Latino food is Taco Bell.


Arepas are like Mexican hamburgers only not. These are made from ground corn and date back way before Columbus got lost on his to pretending to find India. They’re yummy little corn cakes. You can serve them alone or with your choice of filings. This is a great snack when you need something quick.

Beans and Rice

Beans and rice is the workhorse of the region. Beans may make you toot a little bit but they’re also delicious and filling. They like them here with a wide variety of spices. This makes for a savory stew that can be paired with many different kinds of proteins. If you’re going to put them on your plate, add in some rice with a nice spike of cilantro. It may taste like soap to you but most people love it.


This is a thick flatbread comes to us for El Salvador. If you want, you can learn how to make pupusas at home. When you learn how to make pupusas, you’ll discover a whole new world of incredible carb glory. Take that rice or the cornmeal flour you have on hand right now. You can fill these little things with just about anything you have in mind. They’re all about enjoying life and eating really well.

Sopa de Lima Mexicana

Mexico is renowned for so many things. Mexico is home to great beaches and an amazing interior. Mexico is also home to this soup. This is the soup your grandmother should have made but didn’t. It’s all about a comforting bowl that really delivers. If you’re looking for an interesting take on the standard but often boring chicken soup, this is the place to be.


Tamales are something you have to try at least once in your life. Now is the time to sit down and tear into this dish. Open up the masa and discover the many flavors inside of it. It’s all about the flavors. You can even eat the wrapper. Lot for different kinds of tamales in different parts of this world for even more great eating.


Tacos are a fabulous way to make anything portable. Stuff a few bits of vegetables, some ground beef in a shell and you’re on your way. What’s not to like? It’s your …