DUI Stages and Consequences

Driving Under Influence or commonly known as DUI is an act of operating or driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol although incapable of doing it. Sometimes this action can cause serious harm to ourselves or others. Always avoid this type of action because it is a serious matter.

Stages of DUI

We will go through the stages that will happen in case you are caught under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

1) Arrest

When you are stopped due to a suspicion they will conduct some test to check whether you are under the influence. If you are then you will be immediately arrested.

2) Booking

After the arrest, your profile will be cross-checked for any previous criminal offense. Then fingerprints, photographs, and particular will be noted down. Then you will be put in jail pending bail or sent to court.

3) Bail / Arraignment

At this stage, you will be bailed out either by yourself or by a bail bond agency. If not you will be sent to court for the first time and your charges will be read to you.

4) Plea bargain

you will be given a chance to plea either as guilty or no contest.

5) Preliminary hearing

Here both sides will address the judge on the case whether the evidence is enough or not and should it be continued or stopped.

6) Pre-trial motion

This happens before the real trial and the judge will check and see which evidence can be included and which are not to be included. This motion will be filed by the lawyers.

7) Trial

The trial will begin with lawyers from both sides presenting evidence and arguing whether the defendant is guilty of the charges or can be set free due to lack of evidence.

8) Sentencing

If the defendant is found guilty he will be sentenced and the sentencing depends on the seriousness of the case.

Consequences of DUI

Depending on the seriousness of the case, the consequences might be small or very large.

  • Lose your driving license for some time
  • Pay fines based on the case seriousness
  • Serving probation
  • Go for drug and alcohol-related education programs
  • Pay for SR-22 insurance
  • installation of Ignition Interlock Device ( in some states)
  • Sent for a jail term

As you can see DUI is a very serious offense and the consequences are very big. But sometimes things like this will happen and as you can see the stages of DUI is very stressful and frightening. DUI offense cannot be expunged but don’t worry if you are in Los Angeles and need the number 1 DUI lawyer service then visit this site hartlevin.com and we will give the best service to lessen the charge based on the case.