Should You Have A Lawyer Review Your Severance Agreement?

When you’re moving on from your place of work, you want to ensure that you get the best severance package possible. You never want to leave with a sense that you’ve been given less than you deserve.

Always Check Documents With A Lawyer

When you receive your severance agreement, it’s important to have it checked by a lawyer. A Los Angeles severance agreement attorney can help in this case.

These attorneys specialize in employment law. Therefore, if there are any issues with your agreement, they will pick up on them quickly. If you don’t have a lawyer review the document, you’ll miss many of these issues.

Check The Financial Value Of Your Package

When you’re offered a severance package, you may not be sure how it compares to the package that others may have received. An attorney is a fairly objective third party and they’ve helped with many situations that are similar to yours.

Lawyers know what severance packages in your sector typically include. They can gauge whether the payment that’s being offered to you is appropriate.

Understand Clauses

You should have an employment lawyer review your severance agreement so that they can explain the clauses too. Most people are concerned about the financial value of their severance package. They can also ask their attorney for help with evaluating clauses and by doing so, they’ll walk away with a good deal.

It’s always important to consider the effect of each clause that’s in the agreement. Since these clauses are usually written in legal terms, the average person may not completely understand the impact that each one may have on them.

Understand Your Rights

While reviewing your severance agreement, an unemployment lawyer can explain your rights under the law. There are cases where you may be entitled to a severance payment, even without signing an agreement.

You may be the type of person who sometimes skips their vacation because your department is short-staffed or has deadlines to meet. You may also have spent your own money on business purchases.

If you haven’t yet been reimbursed for expenses related to your work this money should be included in your severance package. You should also receive payment for any vacation leave that you were due and didn’t receive.

Any agreement should give you more money than the severance pay that you’re automatically entitled to. By having an experienced lawyer review the document, you will ensure that you benefit by signing.