How A Tax Group Process Works

If you’re having tax issues, you’re probably looking for some kind of viable solution. You’re probably bewildered by the array of options and possibilities you’re considering, and chances are you’re trying to sort out the lies and promises.

There is a different way, though. If you’re in LA or the Los Angeles area, the Hillhurst Tax Group has a process and a reputation for integrity that can help you resolve your tax issues.

Start with the process. The first step is an office consultation where your problems are thoroughly considered and evaluated.

Hillhurst Tax Group has experience with just about every kind of tax problem imaginable, which makes it fairly easy to do this kind of evaluation.

The next step is to look into the type of investigation that’s being conducted, whether its an IRS inquiry or an investigation at the state level. When we do this, we’ll tell you what your possible options are, and what the outcomes are likely to be as well. This is usually the biggest step when it comes to getting your problems under control, and Hillhurst Tax Group has the expertise to cover all the bases.

The step that follows is all about planning and preparation. One of the biggest things that needs to happen if you have a tax problem is to get the paperwork part under control. That means knowing which forms are required, and how to fill them out.

This isn’t as always as straightforward as it sounds—in many cases, the forms are set up to elicit open-ended or incriminating responses that can broaden the investigation, so knowing how to fill them out is important.

It’s just as important to be comprehensive, too. Forgetting a form or missing a step can be both critical and costly, which is why great tax firms like Hillhurst play such an important role in the process.

Once the forms are filled out, a resolution plan is formulated. This part of the process is sometimes like a flowchart in which several different possibilities are examined, considered and then expanded on. That way you know everything you need to know going in, and you can be confident about your situation.

The final step in the process is to submit the paperwork and go forward to get the best possible result. That means knowing the timeline and the tactics that will be used during the investigation, and Hillhurst Tax Group knows everything you need to know about that, too. It’s the best way to get a great result, so make the right call and contact Hillhurst Tax Group today.