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How Does A Real Estate Lawyer Help You With Buying And Selling?

Buying real estate is always a stressful act because there are numerous issues that the future owner of the real estate must check. Real estate lawyers will help you check that the status of the property you are buying from the owner is undisputed and that no third party has property rights. The best way to check the property being purchased is to perform a complete verification that involves checking the entire documentation at the place where it was created. Verification does not only mean verification of the record number of the certification, but also the content of the act, whether the copy given to the potential buyer is correct to the original and whether it is authentic.

It is common for a lawyer to sign a sales contract instead of a party in cases where the person concluding the contract is abroad. In such a situation, the lawyer must make a special power of attorney by which the party authorizes him to participate in the sale, whereby this power of attorney must be certified. After the verification of the contract of sale, the next step is to pay the tax on the transfer of absolute rights, depending on whether it is a newly built real estate or real estate that was already in legal circulation. A tax return for the payment of taxes shall be submitted to the Tax Administration within 30 days from the conclusion of the real estate transaction contract. After the tax has been paid, the tax administration receives a stamp on the contract confirming that the tax has been paid. A real estate lawyer can also use foreigners to file a tax return and regulate this issue. If you want to hire a real estate lawyer, visit the stonesalluslaw com page.

When the tax is paid, the conditions for submitting a request for registration in the cadastre have finally been met. The contract on the sale of real estate and the seller’s confirmation that it has been paid is submitted with the request. Registration requirements are also a description of the work provided by real estate lawyers. After the decision allowing the registration, the entire process of purchase and sale is finally completed. If you need any additional information, you can contact experienced real estate lawyers on the next page Hire an experienced real estate lawyer to help you with the purchase and sale of real estate.…