What Is The Employer’s Advantage In Offering Workers’ Compensation?

No one wants to get injured during work but accidents do occur. In addition to the suffering and pain, you are also required to clear all your medical expenses and you might loss the income sometime. But your benefits under worker’s compensation can make it bearable when you get injured during work or if the injury is work related. Worker’s compensation laws were put into place to protect workers providing them with benefits over lawsuits when they get injured. This means that when a person gets injured on the job site he or she gets assistance much more rapidly without necessarily waiting for months for their cases to be listened in the court. 

These laws apply to those who are injured at workplace but they vary from state to state, there are certain benefits that are provided to employee by these laws. Brandon Clark with Hinden Law further elaborates, “One of the benefits is that the employee is paid a certain percentage of money as wages that he or she could have earned if the injury did not occur. The percentage is not constant and it varies between different states but mostly it’s about eighty to ninety percent in all areas. These payments given to an employee who was injured at work are non-taxable from the state taxes depending on the specific laws from your state of residence.

Jerry at Gek Law comments, “Another benefit is covering medical expenses for a work related injury. These laws also states that a person who is injured while at work place his or her medical bills are cleared without no out of pocket cost for you.” In some states you might pay a little amount of money on the bills but not all states as outlined earlier. Medical bills coverage is counted from the moment you get injured until the time that you will be fit and return to work. 

If you get hurt and feel like you cannot be able to go back to that kind of work and hold a different position from the original, you may receive training. For instance assume your original job required heavy lifting of materials or may be some other things. Severe back damage occurs to you after an injury and it makes it impossible for you to go back to work. However, the employee can be enabled to work as a help desk but lacks the required training for such a position. Worker’s compensation guarantees paid training apart from covering medical expenses for a work related injury. For more information a good resource would be California Department of Industrial Relations.