For a First Conviction of DUI What is The Penalty

Charges of DUI or driving under the influence are serious offenses which is why you are always advised to hire a DUI attorney to represent you. Many people think that DUI is simply a minor traffic offense punishable with a fine and few points on your license, but in reality the penalties range from large fines to jail terms and in nearly every case the driver’s license will be suspended.

The evidence presented by the prosecution in cases of DUI involves complex medical and scientific data, which most people will not be able to interpret without specialist training. Whilst the observations of the arresting officer are taken into account, it is the more significant blood alcohol result which will see you charged. The minimum blood alcohol level in every state is 0.08%, but you may still be charged if you are below this if minors were present in your car.

Veronica Yates with OC DUI Expert offers insight, “The blood alcohol test is conducted using a sample of blood, urine or breath. You do have the right to refuse this test however this often taken as an admission of guilt in court. The test needs to be conducted by qualified personnel who are properly trained to take the sample and use the necessary equipment.” There are also certain procedures which must be followed. Your DUI attorney will look at how the test was conducted, who took it and if procedure was followed when building your defense. If they find the test was incorrectly carried out then they can move to have the case dismissed or the evidence omitted from the trial.

Hiring a DUI attorney is your best option when it comes to interpreting the evidence against you. They will have the skills and knowledge to read this data and to follow it up if they find something amiss. They will also be familiar with the legal procedures in these cases, court personnel and prosecutors and the applicable state law. Because of this they will be able to advise you how to proceed with your defense, whether you should consider a plea bargain and inform you of the likely outcome a guilty verdict could bring.

If you have previous convictions for DUI then you should definitely hire an attorney to represent you. Previous convictions will be taken in to consideration even if they occurred in another state. The law comes down hard on those who repeatedly offend and the penalties become progressively worse for every subsequent offense. If you have caused serious injury or even death by driving under the influence then your case is likely to be elevated to a felony with a jail term imposed if found guilty.

Hiring a DUI attorney is not only necessary but will give you the best chance of obtaining an outcome you could not possible have obtained for yourself. Jim Brent an experienced attorney with Hart Levin says, “Most of our clients receive reduced sentencing based on how we aggressively pursue case logic and how we shine a positive light on our clients”. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer then you have the right to request one through the courts, who will appoint some to you funded by the state.